Peucezia 8 (One shot)

The Peucezia 8 marks the return to the origins…

… and the desire to interpret a style of beer produced by several breweries in Belgium where most of the versions are unique in their own genre and reflect the characteristics of each brewery itself.

Often these types of beers are produced in limited quantities and are highly sought after.

In our case we have used a particular strain of yeast that comes directly from the historical productions of the Trappist monks, the Peucezia 8 is a beer "one shot" in the Belgian Dark Strong Ale style available from February 2018 exclusively on tap for A limited time.

  • High fermentation beer
  • Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale (Belgium)
  • Call and alcoholic grade: Double Malt beer 9% ALC. Vol.
  • Color: Amber Laden (24 SRM/47 EBC)
  • Bitter: 30 IBU

Aroma-complex with rich presence of sweet malt, significant esters, alcohol and spiced.

Appearance-Amber with ruby reflections and light brown foam.

Flavour-intense complexity of caramel with hints of raisins, dehydrated cherry, fig and plum.

Sensation on the palate-full bodied, caramelized, malted with spicy flavors and final dry and clean.

Contains barley malt

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