Zaraffo (One shot)

"Dark as the night of the Murgian winter, as big as the mother Puglia!"

Ready for the coldest months of the year, our Russian (Leggasi Apulian) Imperial Stout 9 degrees alcohol is produced with a parsimonious use of skins of oranges collected by our Murgia Barese, in which the kind aromas spicy and citrus blend with the scents Alcohol and the great contribution of the most toasted malts like crystal, choccolate, black for a black 150ebc color.

Also this time the label was made by the artist Pugliese Francesco Ferrulli who, lending his personal pictorial style, also embellished our line of beers "one shot" more experimental and irreverent produced often in Very few cooked, representing, in this case, a peucetian with a fur hat referring to a typical Russian character as to describe our interpretation of a style so complex to produce as promising of great satisfactions to the glass.

It will be packaged only in barrels… hoping that our various organoleptic tests do not exhaust our beer Zaraffo to Fermenter!

The Zaraffo beer is usually available in the first months of the year exclusively only for a limited time and until stocks are exhausted.

  • High fermentation beer
  • Style: Apulian Imperial Stout
  • Call and alcoholic grade: ALC Double malt beer. 9% Vol.
  • Color: Amber Laden (76 SRM/150 EBC)
  • Bitter: 60 IBU

Fruity aroma-esters, generally of red fruits in spirit, which are integrated with an intense toasted and malted aroma with a slight hop aroma.

Appearance-black with persistent cream-coloured foam.

Flavour-character supported by an aroma of raisins, strong coffee and liquorice, fruit and malt, sustained by the bitterness deriving from the hops and a slight silky touch of the oats. The alcoholic rate is obvious. The finish is moderately sweet, normally with some lingering toasted and warm sensation (due to the alcoholic rate).

Sensation on the palate-full, with relatively low carbonation.

Contains barley malt.


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