Roccaforte Reserve

RR is part of a course of experimentation of the contribution of wood to the evolution of a beer in search of the sensations of the past. The use of premium Scotch whisky Barrique brings a unique complexity of aromas, from vanilla to caramel with a soft malted

Top fermented beer barricade in barrels of Scotch whisky
-style: Wee heavy barrel aged
-Denomination and alcoholic grade: Double Malt beer 6.5% ALC. Vol.
-Colour: Amber
-Contains barley malt

The reserve stronghold (RR) is an experimental beer characterized by a long maturation in barrel of Scotch whisky of our stronghold.
The inviting aroma of smoked and vanilla Wood recalls the best premium Scottish Whisky and the toasted hints contribute to the character of a product that ensures a different and exciting drink experience with a soft but dry finish.

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