… the tasty and rare red mulberries meet our Baresana in oak barrels French in a perfect combination of hops, various malts and spontaneous fermentations where nature finds its spaces to give us complex flavors but always balanced, this is La Gelsomina…

Mixed fermented beer barricade in oak barrels French
-style: Fruit Sour Ale
-Name and alcoholic grade: Special Beer 5.8% ALC. Vol. With red mulberry in berries
-Colour: Ruby red
-Contains barley malt

Gelsomina is an experimental beer characterized by the use of red mulberry berries used during the fermentation of a young baresana and subsequent maturation in oak barrels French.

The inviting bright red colour and the aroma of yellow and red berries blend with floral and acidulous notes typical of the rare red mulberries of Puglia. The whole thing converges in a sour beer with the support from a part of the wild yeasts that, in harmony with lactic and wood hints, characterize the taste with a delicately acidic contribution that increases the freshness and the easiness of drink.

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