birra cattedrale


Cattedrale is one of the historical symbols of the land of Bari, the ancient Peucezia. Fragrant and fresh beer, light colored with fairly persistent foam. Hops aroma with delicately spicy and floral scents. The East Kent Golding hop gives it the typicality of an English Ale. Intense and clean malt flavor, bitter decided and never exaggerated.
birra baresana


The journey through the land of Bari passes through the Baresana, gateway to the varied world of craft beers. Light-bodied, light-colored beer with a lingering foam. Fruity and spicy aroma with marginal influence of hops. The moderate sparkling flavor and the hints of malt are typical of ancient and traditional Belgian and French recipes of the 1700s.


Levante is the wind that blows mainly at dawn and laps the Apulian coasts, bringing with it the scents of the East. Intriguing beer, with an amber color and not very persistent foam. Accentuated hops aroma with floral, fruity and citrus scents gently supported by the caramel malt taste. Medium body, moderate carbonation with a pleasant dry finish.


La Murgiana takes its name from the Apulian karst plateau and is inspired by its colors, perfumes and essences. Seasonal beer with an orange color, veiled and with a persistent foam. Inviting aroma of spices with citrus, fruity and floral hints supported mainly by selected Italian malts. Medium body, effervescent character with a dry and refreshing finish


Strong as an impregnable fortress, the Torrioni faced brigands of land and sea corsairs for the protection of Apulia. Malted malt with a rich amber color with fine and persistent foam.